New England Landscape Futures Explorer

Hi, I’m the NELF Explorer. I’m here because wondering about the future can help us make decisions about our communities, land, forests, farms, and water resources. What will the future of your community look like? How would you change it if you could? I will help you explore different possible outcomes based on global trends and local decisions.

The old saying goes: the only thing constant is change

How will changes in climate, population, settlement, and commerce affect our environment? Which of these two scenarios do you want to envision?

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Increased globalization

International trade barriers are minimized, increasing connectivity.

This future
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Increased localization

International trade barriers grow, limiting global commerce.

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Innovation and planning for natural resources

Governments have several options for how proactive they will be in land-use planning, as well as the extent to which they will encourage innovation for resource use in the private sector. Social attitudes about land stewardship and sustainability are also shifting. Select degree of innovation you would like to envision.

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Lower natural resource planning and innovation

Governments take a laissez-faire approach to development and offer few incentives for private sector innovation in resource use. Public support for conservation is low.

This future
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Higher natural resource planning and innovation

Governments proactively manage natural resources, promoting “smart growth” and incentivizing private sector innovation. Public support for conservation is high.

This future

Which community do you represent?

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